Friday, September 6, 2013

I have not forgotten

        It has been too too long since I have sat down to update this blog that I had such great hope for. The ideas that I could not wait to write down have flown from my brain and as I look at the last post I come to realize that time has past me by.  I want to make this a record, I want this to mean something special to me, and one day I want to be able to scan through some of the rough times I had when my kids were little and see the amazing people they have grown to be.
        I may be as scatter brained as moms come but my over ambitious motivation frequently has fruitful rewards so if you just want to come hang out to see what all goes on with this Craft Geeky momma I hope you come visit often.

         By the way that cute little girl from our last post is not so little.  I might cry for hours after her her next birthday when she turns TWO because it will be my way of mourning the passing of my last little girls baby years.  We are the proud parents of three healthy, beautiful, smart, and full of love children, and even when you know that you know that YOU KNOW you are done having kids you still find sorrow in the what ifs.  It has been hard to firmly plant my foot down and state that we are done and our family is complete (in great part because of my OCD issues and hating odd numbers), but this stay at home mom has to have a small amount of sanity left to survive those dreaded teenage years. 
 With hope and love for the great blessings in store

Yours Sincerely,


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