Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paid in Full

I thought this day would never come....  I am pretty sure the hospital and all parties involved probably doubted it too but alas today we did what we have been trying to do for the last 10 months.  We finally paid off all the medical bills, both for Laurel's birth and all others tied to my expenses.   It feels amazing to know that we are done and we are on our way to saving money which almost has a dessert kind of taste in my mouth.  Saving money for the last 6 years, this has almost been a foreign concept mostly because I have not been good at it and because we found ourselves on a role in the baby making department.  We always hoped to have a big family and like so many of our friends with large families there is quite an expense that comes with these bundles of joy.  For 6 years we have finished paying for one baby just as we found ourselves creating a new one and we are happy that this adventure has found a happy end.  

We were fortunate this time to have been able to also get Paul's hernia surgery scheduled close to when the baby was born which from an insurance point of view worked out well but almost double the paper work to process "all this wellness and healing" so I am so thankful and full of joy to know that we are finally done paying off our newest addition to the Adair family, and I am happy to say she is.....

Our sweet baby Girl Laurel Hope Adair

Monday, August 13, 2012

Star Wars Art

I have been having quite a time enjoying the pins and fun finds that friends and family have found on Pinterest and it should come as no surprise to all those who know me that I love buttons so imagine my elation on all the projects and etsy shops that have done just that work with buttons.  It is truly astounding to see all the things that these colorful wonderful things can make, and become with just a bit of work, and creativity.   I recently settled on a name for both this blog and my own etsy shop, which you can find here,, and I have been hard at work geeking out.  My husband was the inspiration behind this awesomely evil skull that some Star Wars fans I know will recognize so I hope you enjoy this pic that he himself took for me and hopefully soon you will find the Mythosaur Skull in my shop just waiting for a home.  If there is not love out there for him I am sure that my husband will not be heart broken as he will likely find a good home for him in our computer room.  If there is any requests for different colors don't hesitate to convo me at my etsy shop.

Star Wars Art.

The Mythosaur Skull is the traditional symbol of the Mandalorians.